Pametna ura Women Naomi Pro zlato jeklo

Pametna ura Women Naomi Pro zlato jeklo
Pametna ura Women Naomi Pro zlato jeklo
Pametna ura Women Naomi Pro zlato jeklo
Pametna ura Women Naomi Pro zlato jeklo
Garett Women Naomi Pro je elegantna pametna ura za ženske, z njo bo vsaka stilizacija edinstvena.
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144,99 €
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Smartwatch Garett Women Naomi Pro

Garett Women Naomi Pro is an elegant smartwatch for women, with it any stylization will have unique nature. It is equipped with many useful features such as: sleep monitoring, pedometer or remote camera. Thanks to notifications about incoming messages and calls, you will miss any important phone or text message never again. The smartwatch also offers sports modes that help you keep healthy figure. Learn the details!

IP68 waterproof

This watch can stay underwater for as long as 1 hour! It is also impervious to dust and dirt. It will always be with you, regardless of the conditions.

Sports modes

If you stay in shape by taking part in various sports, you can now check how effectively you are burning calories while cycling, running, walking, swimming, etc.

Heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter

A perfect workout is effective and safe at the same time. This is why your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation should always be under control.


Do you want to know how many calories you managed to burn today? This function will magically motivate you to be even more active, because every step you take is a step towards your dream body!

Remote music control

There are many situations where a smartphone can be used as a music player. Turning on, stopping and scrolling through tracks remotely is not just a party trick, but often also convenient.

Sleep and inactivity monitor

A motion sensor and a heart rate monitor will keep track of your sleep. If you wake up at night too often, you may not be rested in the morning. Now you can find out the quality of your sleep! Do you dream of a perfect figure but too often you just don't feel like it? Now a motivational alert will inform you that you have burned too few calories in the specified period. So... Time for a workout!

Call and text message notifications

Is someone calling or texting you, but your smartphone is in your handbag? Now you won't miss a thing, not even Facebook or Twitter messages. Everything will be displayed on your smartwatch screen!

Interchangeable straps

Damaging the strap or bracelet is not a problem! You can easily replace it with a new one.

Remote camera

Do you use a selfie stick? Now you don't have to! Simply set up or hang the phone and release the shutter with your smartwatch.

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